Sizziling Summer Suitcase Show NYC>LA>STL

Working Together We Can Make a Change 70cm acrylic on canvas 2012



Dear Friends, Family and Lovers

This sizzling summer, I will tour the United States with a suitcase full of new artwork to be shown at intimate soirees in the homes of my friends. Chilled refreshments will be served as guests get the first opportunity to view and purchase my newest drawings, paintings, collages and photographs—some from my recent exhibition in Rome. These events take their cue from Tupperware parties of mid-century America. With Tupperware, women such as Brownie Wise adopted the role of the traveling salesman and adapted it into something new, intimate and independent. In a nod to Tupperware, I hope to further the interests in my practice that investigate and utilize elements of women’s historical places of power in business and the arts. In my paintings and drawings, I use traditional quilt patterns to celebrate the integrity and lineage of “women’s work”. Through these parties, I want to emphasize the relationship between an artist and her patrons as something interactive and pleasurable. Everyone is encouraged to bring friends and forward this invitation. The goal of this project is to extend and strengthen a creative community outside of an institutional situation. All of the art presented will be available for guests to purchase at affordable prices and bring home to enjoy immediately. And the first five guests to arrive will receive a free piece of art!

Save the Date!
Saturday, July 28th in Brooklyn, New York 20 Jay Street Suite 207 Dumbo Brooklyn, 6-9pm

Saturday, August 11th in Los Angeles, California (performance by Nathan Bockelman and Megan Hoetger) 407 Mavis Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90025
(Mt. Washington) 7-10pm

Tuesday, August 14th in Saint Louis, Missouri, 10 Deer Creek Woods, Ladue, MO. 63124 6-9pm
*Text in collaboration with Jahan Genet




You are cordially invited to my upcoming solo show in Rome. Below is a roughly translated English version originally written in Italian by the curator Susanna Gargiulo Stierli. The link to the Comunicato Stampa which follows my butchered translation is the Italian version which is totally tender.
Very Sincerely, Finley 


Christine Finley  

Curated by Susanna Gargiulo Stierli

Fragments Galleria D'Arte Via Paola 23 - Rome

OPENING HOURS 6 June 2012 19:00

The American artist Christine Finley, would like to dedicate this show to her friend and patron Attilio Vaccari.
What is striking when you are surrounded by turbines
of color dancing on canvases, is the intense sensuality and freshness
released from the images, characterized by a vibrant mix of colors
reaching into the soul of the viewer. The geometric shapes, always different from each other, break up and reconnect the figures as in a traditional patchwork quilting, a sort of kaleidoscope that mesmerizes and captures and projects an
unexpected metaphysical dimension. Representations are marked by a
dynamism and thrilling lyricism, these geometric paintings stimulate
superficial sensory experience and at the same time create an existential depth. C. Finley throws the viewer into a sunny vortex and  touches the strings of interiority.
During the exhibition there will be videos that document the
works by the artist.

Fragments Galleria D'Arte Via Paola, 23 00186 Rome
Opening hours Mon fri. 10/13 15/19: 30, Saturday and Sunday by appointment
tel: +39.06.93571441 / 42 Fax: +39.06.92594548   
C. Finley is known for her vibrant geometric paintings and site-specific public art installations. Her Wallpapered Dumpsters project transforms environmental activism into unexpected beauty. Wallpapered Dumpsters is featured in the New York Times, Urban Interventions (Gestalten) and Stuck-Up Piece Of Crap - A Selected History of Stickers, From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art (Rizzoli). The recipient of the Eszter Cohen grant, C. Finley continues to wallpaper dumpsters and rubbish receptacles in cities throughout Europe. She is one of the newest AOL Artists for 2012 and six of her paintings launched on on March 30. She has also recently co-created the dance piece and film Finite and Infinite Games that premiered at the Judson Memorial Church in New York and at the Soho House in Los Angeles. C. Finley has shown internationally with exhibitions at Robert Fontaine Gallery, Scope Miami and New York, Aequalis Contemporary, High Energy Constructs, Salon Oblique, Dumba Collective and in 2007 was the artist-in-residence at the Treehouse Gallery, Los Angeles. Currently, C. Finley is artist-in-residence at Gai Mattiolo fashion house in Rome, Italy. C. Finley received her BFA from the Pratt Institute, New York and her MFA from California State University Long Beach. Finley lives in Rome and New York.



New Hot Jamz from FINLEY STUDIOS

Collaborating with Eddy Segal, Jason Akira Somma and Sara Jean Gruenwald in NYC. This photo is available 2/14/2012.